SFAI (Santa Fe Associates International) is a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms.

Our Strong point

One firm policy

One firm policy

Firm members share a common vision and understand the goals of the firm's strategic plan.

They also understand the firm's mission and live by it's core values.

Firm members play to their strengths and focus on their roles and responsibilities within the firm, which are determined by and aligned with the goals and strategies of the strategic plan.

Along with this comes a high degree of accountability.
Sophisticated expertise and Technical skills

Sophisticated expertise and Technical skills

In order to adapt to the business enviroment which is changing day by day, we are working with our customer together on the management issues especially related to the tax and accounting which our clients faced.

We are accumulating high expertise and technique from these experiences.

In addition, we have good reputations about the appropriate advices from our customers.

Because our point of view is not only as a specialist of tax accounting but also as a manager of the company.

International business achievement

We are Accounting firm in Japan.

We think about the necessity a partner in Japan that are bright in the business between Japanese companies and the procedure with government offices.

then,We solve the issue of original to go into Japan varying in business practices and the culture climate for a foreign capital company.

We have accumulated experiences about accounting and taxation as a business partner of foreign capital in Japan.

We look forward to your inquiry.

The abundant results and it's various experience

Major Foreign corporate clients

USASoftware development company
USAGame development company
USAConstruction company
USALaw firm
USAIT product development company
USAIndustrial equipment company
USAMedical device manufacturing company
USACommunication technology company
IndiaConsulting company
IndiaM & A Consulting company
NetherlandsTechnical consultation company
NetherlandsSoftware development company
NetherlandsCommunication technology company
NetherlandsGeneral electric machine manufacturer
CanadaSecurities company
KoreaInsurance Agency
SwissMedical equipment importing company
TaiwanSemiconductor manufacturing company
TaiwanEntertainment Equipment manufacturer
Taiwanlighting equipment manufacturer
ChinaSolar Power business company
ChinaIT talent dispatch company
ChinaInternational Transportation company
ChinaWind power plant manufacturing company
ChinaDispatch of IT engineers company
ChinaAI technology development company
ChinaInvestment business company
PhilippineAffiliator and Youtuber
FranceWater treatment facility company
FranceAutomotive parts manufacturing company
FranceSchool administration company
BulgariaSolar power generation technology company
VietnamIT service company
Hong KongApparel company
RussiaSoftware development company

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