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Are you looking for Accounting firm in Japan?

selectable types of business outline

Accounting advisory services | Corporate tax | LLP mandatory reports | Bookkeeping | Accounting review | Financial Report

Payroll | Year-end income tax adjustment /Information returns for total table | Payment slip of withholding income tax/on a semiannual

Payment slip of withholding income tax/monthly | Depreciable property tax (fixed asset tax)
Outline of Payroll

About Salary, bonus calculation

We set a logic (daily rate based on the rule, commuting costs, retroactivity) for our computer system to the salary rule ,and perform a monthly salary calculation, a bonus calculation.

In addition, detailed statement, making journalizes, and the delivery acts, too.

We send a salary detailed statement by a day before a payday.

When it is accompanied by diligence and indolence management, handling methods will be different. please ask us