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LLP mandatory reports
Outline of LLP mandatory reports

Limited liability partnerships were introduced to Japan in 2006 during a large-scale revamp of the country's laws governing business organizations.

Japanese LLPs may be formed for any purpose (although The purpose must be clearly stated in the partnership agreement and cannot be general), have full limited liability and are treated as pass-through entities for tax purposes.

However, each partner in an LLP must take an active role in the business, so the model is more suitable for joint ventures and small businesses than for companies in which investors plan to take passive roles.

Japanese LLPs may not be used by lawyers or accountants, as these professions are required to do business through an unlimited liability entity.

A Japanese LLP is not a corporation, but rather exists as a contractual relationship between the partners, similarly to an American LLP.

Japan also has a type of corporation with a partnership-styled internal structure, called a godo kaisha, which is closer in form to a British LLP or American limited liability company.

Making documents included in the settlement of accounts reward of LLP

[Financial statements]
Balance sheet, income statement, annexed detailed statement,
[Statutory report]
Check total list about member of an association income affecting the limited liability partnership, Check about member of an association income affecting the limited liability partnership

*1)In case of "Personal member of an association"
[Attached documents for income tax final income tax returns]
Check about income affecting association business of the limited liability partnership
(added list)Check of the amount of cost nonappearance case loss such as the business income to affect association business

*2)In case of "Corporation association"
[Attached documents for corporation tax final income tax returns]
Table 9-2 of the Corporation Tax Act 一 In the loss of money nonappearance case of the amount of association business loss by the association business or the association, it is the detailed statement about the loss entry of the loss excess net total