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Q What is the communication language?
A Language is English and Japanese basically.
Q Is it possible to use service even if the term of a contract is not from the beginning of the fiscal year?
A Yes it is. But, about a period before participating, there are additional costs involved with the matter in inspection again.
Q It is the end of the accounting period soon. Would it be possible to request to do annual accounts processing?
A It is available if you can apply within two months before the fiscal year end.
However,please refer, because it may be impossible when sales amount per one year greatly exceeds 100 million yen.
Q What should I do concretely to sign up for bookkeeping service?
A By introduction counseling (free), We comprehend the flow of duties of your company.
Then, please submit the document necessary for duties accomplishment.
Generally, it is a petty cash payment book, copy of bank book, sales bill, purchase invoice, an expense book, a receipt, credit card statement, wage slip.
Q Who makes a slip for accounting?
A We do not make the slip. This is because the person in charge works to settle account directly from the materials. However, as for preparing a necessary part in a slip form, there is not a problem at all because we can output a slip from an accounting software.
Q Please tell me the monthly routine.
A Please send a document every month when you can submit it. We complete work within 20 days from arrival and report it.
Q Please tell me the monthly payment method.
A Our fee will be paid by direct debit from every bank account on 28th in this month.
Q What should I do to cancel a contract?
A Within 30 days before a contract cancellation , please offer the cancellation of a contract.