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Accounting advisory services | Corporate tax | LLP mandatory reports | Bookkeeping | Accounting review | Financial Report

Payroll | Year-end income tax adjustment /Information returns for total table | Payment slip of withholding income tax/on a semiannual

Payment slip of withholding income tax/monthly | Depreciable property tax (fixed asset tax)
Outline of Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping is the basic task in order to prepare the financial statement based on the material such as the data of a bank book, a bill and receipts generated by the business activities.

Because the price setting is started from the minimum charge of 50 entries, it is easy to use for the small company.

We provide the monthly report after we registered the data from a petty cash book, a bank book copy, sales bill, purchase bill, receipts of expenses, credit card utilization bill, payroll.

At the time of the book closing, we do the final accounting processing and prepare the account subject itemized statement.